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Plum – Phat Fridays (Flyer)


A flyer created for a local event in downtown San Antonio. I really tried to portray the “club” feeling with bright neon colors and saturated effects. The woman is placed to give the reader a feeling of what kind of people will be attending the event.

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Skyglo (Album art Concepts)





Skyglo is a musical project which features ambient electronic melodies and interesting soundscapes. These are a few concepts created for possible album/single artwork. He really wanted to go with a naturey feel to help portray the emotions and feelings he had in mind while creating his music.


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Self Promotional Piece (Saturation Design)

Saturation Design (Stationary-Mockup)

This brand identity was created to represent the design and artwork I create. I went with a very minimalistic style to give a sense of modern ease. I also incorporated many colors in a circular design to portray a diverse and friendly identity.

 The droplets inside the slices of the circle are meant to represent diverse people and the connection we all share through visual representation. Communication through visual design is absolutely crucial to any successful design solution, and I tried to exaggerate it’s importance through this logo.

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Le Mirage (Logo and Branding)


Le Mirage is an upscale entertainment venue which includes an exotic restaurant, full bar, hookah service, and live music. The theme of the venue is Middle Eastern, which is portrayed through the logo by use of a camel and exotic trees. The script typeface conveys the elegance of this venue as well.

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Subway Olympics Ad (Multipage booklet)

Subway Olympics MOCKUP

This project was created for Subway with the 2012 Olympics as a main theme. The idea of the project was to count up to 7 using statistics from Olympic Games competitors, ending with “7g of fat.” I tried a minimal approach, utilizing type effectively and using the ribbons as containers for headline copy.

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Smart Car (Ad Campaign)




Smart Car is a vehicle brand that sells itself based on it’s fuel economy, size, and safety specs. The approach I took with this project was a very simple style, with a single color. I chose green to reflect the economical value of this vehicle. The overall theme of this project was to stress the importance of how the Smart Car is a wiser purchase decision rather than a larger, more gas guzzling vehicle. This is portrayed through a side by side comparison to larger vehicles with a simple tagline.

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EXpressive Wares (Ad Campaign)



Expressive wares is a clothing company which connects to it’s consumers through emotional value. It’s target audience includes Teens to Young Adults, and overall theme focuses on individuality and expressing one’s self.

Their consumers are fun, happy-go-lucky people, who enjoy being different and I portrayed this lifestyle through simple typography and expressive imagery. The consistent theme through their ads are describing a consumer of their brand in 3 adjectives that readers may identify, or connect themselves with.

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