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“Don’t Get Your Hopes Up” – A Painting

Finally got this piece done. Took a couple of days to get all the small details and linework done, but ultimately I rather enjoy the way this piece came out.

“Don’t Get Your Hopes Up”

This composition started off as a doodle which turned into an interesting concept. The painting depicts a young man standing in a field of rolling hills holding a wilted flower and a string attached to his head. The whole concept of this composition is the fact that we spend so much time over analyzing certain situations and over hyping our own emotions, that we often fill our heads up with nothing but hopeful hot air. After enough wishing and wondering, eventually we lose ourselves in our thoughts and dreams.

The big black slab on the left is supposed to represent the empty space that’s left inside our heads as soon as we realize that none of what we believe is true. The only ringing echo are those simple words of advice, “Don’t get your hopes up.”

Inspired by researching the Impressionism and Post-Impressionism movement for Art History II class. I tried to incorporate lots of little techniques and methods seen in this era. The small, bountiful brush strokes vary in color and cause the viewers eyes to mix them automatically when viewed at a distance. I love all the tiny details you can see when you look at it up close.

More of these kinds of paintings to come. Been brainstorming lots of concepts and ideas. I’ve fallen in love with color again. ❤


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