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You Are Beautiful Too

This piece didn’t really come out as well as I wanted it to, I think I might try another version of this. I also really wanted to use a different image for the clipping mask on the white one, but this one will have to do. America is beautiful, and so are you. Playing with textures, concepts, colors, blending modes and masks. This piece taught me a bit more about working with rasterized imagery.



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R.I.P William Finley

You were too good to us, yet we hardly knew yee.

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New Business Card Design – Die Cuts

Exploring new ideas with business card designs. I haven’t played around with Die cuts too much, but after seeing how easy it actually is, I believe I’ll be incorporating little things like this a lot more. Let me know what you think of the logos and such!

Thanks, JG

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Rainbow Ladders and Shifting Lights

My first attempt at making an Animated GIF. Too two hours or so just making each frame in illustrator, and another hour figuring out how to line everything up in photoshop. (I’ve never used the animation window before :O)

After a bit of screwing around, I’ve created my first animated GIF, completely from scratch.

I’m sure there are much faster ways to get this kinda thing done, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks ❤

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“Because I LOVE You…”

Uh oh, there I went again. I said I wouldn’t say, not another time, but my mouth moved too quick for my brain to catch up.

What comes next? Isolation? Deteriorating friendships? Quiet talk? No more than simple exchanges? I think that’s wrong.

So what if I love you? Maybe we can just live with that.

Just maybe…

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The Glare That Obscures

More late night photoshop exploration. Some of the best works are born from sleep deprivation.

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Kat’s Can Be Formal Too

Late creative nights get interesting.

Kitty kat heads sampled from Homicidal-Hecate

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