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Tokyo Police Club – Listen To The Math

“Tokyo Police Club took its first baby steps toward finding that voice with its formation in 2005. The band was off and running the following year, releasing the debut EP A Lesson In Crime to instant and universal acclaim. One more EP (Smith), a digital-only single (“Your English Is Good”) and a few world tours later, Tokyo Police Club’s first full length album, Elephant Shell was released in April 2008. Elephant Shell’s release was preceded by multiple sold out shows in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto, and followed by appearances on The Late Show With David Letterman, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson and, bizarrely enough, Desperate Housewives. Critical response to the full length was even more enthusiastic and diverse, with the likes of GQ (“Strokes-caliber catchiness”), Elle (“a smart, furiously played sugar-rush debut”), Rolling Stone (“poised to become the biggest Canadian export since Molson”) and more giving thumbs up. The guys circled the globe in support of Elephant Shell for approximately a year and a half, finally coming off the road in August of 2009.”

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Zeal & Dreams & Pretty Things

Starshine, Starshine, Starshine. I beg an audience with you and your star peers, for I am but a lone soul on a quest for something beautiful.

What is it, young mortal? We have all gathered here to listen to your cry. We will then determine if you are worthy to recieve such blessings.

I had a dream a few weeks ago, a dream of something wonderful. It was full of vibrant colors and beautiful scenery. I had a fellow Starshine beside me, enjoying the everlasting glow of the setting sun. Our entities became one as the night crept in, and we shot into the sky at a billion lightyears a second, away from all the mess and mumbo jumbo. Our souls and stardust together created something amazing. With Zeal, and Dreams and Pretty Things, we created an intricate array of stars over the glowy night sky for all to enjoy. I wish to find this Starshine.

My dear boy, we cannot just give you a Starshine. You must understand that these things do not occur very often. You must seek it, young mortal. Sometimes its hard to find, other times in right under your nose. But you must be sincere and good hearted. It will find you in time.

The lone soul left the star council, finding little comfort in their response. He continues toward his dream. The broken boy wanders the milky washes of galaxies searching for his one true starshine.

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Eyes of Gray

I went to the annual Blues Festival this weekend. I invited my buddy and his family to join us. The music was lovely, and I had a wonderful time.

This is my buddy’s son Gray. He’s less than a year old and he’s cute as can be

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Neon Indian – Polish Girl

Neon Indian Web Page

“After nearly two years on the road off the success of his debut, Palomo returns this fall with his proper follow-up LP, Era Extraña. This time around, we see a darker shaded sound document that tosses somewhere between an 8-bit shoegaze record and peering through the fence of a teenage apocalypse drive-in flick.

Written and recorded last winter in an efficiency apartment in Helsinki, Finland during its short solstice days, Era Extraña was ice sculpted from arpeggiated synth-scapes and scribbled journal entries made during his stint there alone in constant solitude. “It’s the closest you can get to feeling like you’re at the edge of the earth,” he says. “And there were moments where I lost sight of what I was really there to do.”

The sample-happy stylings of his previous efforts have been traded in for acid-stained commodore 64 jams (See ‘Polish Girl, ‘Future Sick’) and bit-pulped guitar sludge ballads (see ‘Hex Girlfriend’, ‘The Blindside Kiss’). All throughout, the undulating moods of the record are guided by a haunted three-part instrumental titled Heart: Attack, Heart: Decay, and Heart: Release. Once completed, the layers were then thawed and reassembled by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT), who mixed the album and did additional production with Palomo at his upstate Tarbox Studios. The album sessions there were briefly taken on a scenic detour by a drop-in four-song EP collaboration with The Flaming Lips which was released earlier this year.”

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Cubist Woman

My attempt at a cubist style composition. A young girl is portrayed with geometric shapes and two dominating colors, warm and cool sides. Trying to give it a different feel from my other stuff.



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I Am Philanthrophish

I’ve been down here for ages, swimming aimlessly for years.

The bottom of the ocean is a scary place when you’re alone. Hoping each glow might be your escape, but upon closer inspection, becomes an immediate threat. But sometimes you find those glowing creatures that will guide you to the surface, without asking for anything in return. I like to think of those as Philanthrophish.

Swimming just as aimlessly as I, but with more stride and swing in it’s movements and patterns. I hope one day to become a Philanthrophish, helping those along my journey. Hell, maybe I already am one.

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Coming Soon



on it

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